Friday, October 05, 2001

Well, my first entry... if you wanna find out about me, go to . Yea. By the way, if I've already published something, don't mind me... I'm very stupid a lot of times when it comes to the computer... I don't know where the entry I already wrote went!

Well, what shall you expect in here? Nothing too interesting... for example, here's what I did today... Got a haircut, went to the mall, ate bad teriyaki (don't trust mall teriyaki kids ^_~), tried to find my friend a present for his birthday, didn't find one, went home, found in the mail the first 2 volumes of Cowboy Bebop on DVD, heard my older sister scream for a while, and sewed. Woo, interesting day, ne? Well, I guess I'll get into detail on stuff when I actually get into writing this. I guess life is kinda interesting at school... it's a teenage soap opera, and now a days I kinda feel like the only normal person on the show (I've got no problems to complain about, and no evil twin ^_^.).

Ugh, tomorrow I gotta go work on some crappy Greece project we're doing at school... I still gotta kinda make my next article and an advertisement ^_^;;;;... I'll do it tomorrow morning...

And I still gotta get a present for my friend Travis' birthday.

I'm bored. Bye bye

Green Rose